The Strand…

A few weeks ago, we went up to LA for work.  I managed to catch the flu while I was there and spent the next week with sinus pressure and an aching body.

Just as I was getting well from the flu, I caught the head cold my husband caught at work, which involved sneezing and a runny nose.


I’m feeling much better now and hope to get back on track.

While in LA I took a few photos, my pup tends to be unsure and shy in new situations…

but she seemed to perk up once she saw other dogs there, this one is my favorite… this walking area near the beach is called, “the strand”…


And a nice shot of the bike lane with the pier in the background…

This was an interesting area, the beach and pier was for people only, the bike lane was for bikes only, and the strand was for people and dogs… the division was nice in that I didn’t get run over by a bike, but I would have liked to go to the pier with my pup.

Until next time…

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