Pink Pompom…

There are these flowers that start out as little bumpy buds.  Over time, the bud starts to get bigger.  Then one day, little strings of color pop out.  I think it is the most intriguing thing to watch this happen over a few days.

We have one such plant in our complex, they are pink and I believe they are called ‘pink pompoms’.  This morning I went out with my 180mm macro lens, tripod, and a 5-in-1 reflector.

The bud I was interested in was on the other side of some shrubbery so it was a bit difficult to get to and it took several tries to get stable, tack-sharp photos.  I played around with using the white side and the gold side of the reflector.  The sun was on camera right on a cloudy morning, and the reflector was on camera left.

This one is my favorite shot of the day…
pink pompom

Here a few others that help establish the shot… Enjoy!
pink pompom

pink pompom

pink pompom

Until next time…

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