Learning to See Creatively – Eye Exercises (40mm pancake lens)…

I just recently started reading “Learning to See Creatively” by Bryan Peterson.

Within the first few pages he suggests doing some ‘eye exercises’ with each of your lenses at varying focal lengths.  Basically, you find a subject and photograph it several times from different heights (standing, on knees, on belly, and one last photo taken while on your back looking up) all the while getting closer to your subject (and making sure your subject stays in focus).

The getting on your belly thing is a bit different for me (especially out in public), so I thought I’d start out from a ‘safe’ place and pick something on my balcony to photograph.  I chose my hibiscus plant and used my 40mm pancake lens… my pup got in the picture occasionally.





on belly

on belly

on belly

on belly

on back looking up

on back looking up

What I found was that the photos I liked most (with this particular lens) were from a very low position and fairly close, but not right on top of the subject.  This was a really neat exercise and I plan to do continue playing around with these ‘eye exercises’ with my other lenses.

While on my belly, I took a few more photos that were not part of the ‘eye exercises’ of my pup hanging out… and then of her noticing the hummingbird just over our heads.






Until next time…

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