While out on a walk this morning I spotted a dandelion, I plucked it and blew the seeds off.  A few seeds stayed put no matter how much I tried to blow them off.  Then I looked at it closer and thought, “I want to take some macro photos of this”… so I held the stem with a light touch and finished my walk holding onto this little dandelion.

Dandelions have a special place in my heart, so this one got special attention once I got home.  I put it in a little shot glass with water and let it rehydrate.

I’d almost forgotten about it when I happened to notice how the light was hitting it while I was doing dishes.  I immediately went and got my 180mm macro lens and a mono-pod… these are my favorites from the photo shoot.

I used all natural light… I wish I could claim that the background was my doing, but it was all the lens and random stuff in my kitchen that made such beautiful bokeh.  Enjoy…




Until next time…

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