I’m not sure what is wrong with me…  after yesterday’s creepy spider I decided to take more photos.  I guess I am doing a spider series after all…

Several spiders I’ve seen only come out at night… so last night I asked my VAS (voice activated stand), aka my husband, to hold a flashlight while I took photos of several spiders with a very long lens (70-300mm @300mm).

The black widow was the most bothered by the light and would hide from it… luckily (or not so much) there were several black widows around the complex for me to aim my camera at…

black widow

There were also several brown widows…

brown widow

Both the black widows and the brown widows were found down near the ground under overhangs with messy webs.

I’m not sure what kind of spider this guy is, but he’s huge!  His web was a symmetrical round web and high in the air… we’ve started referring to this kind of web/spider as a face jumper… only because we fear that one of these days we’re going to walk into the web without realizing it is there…


This one, kind of reminds me of a daddy-long-leg… it too was found near the ground under overhangs…


Creeped out yet?  Me too!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Creepfest…

  1. So you were significantly back (@ 300mm…though that wouldn’t be far enough for me), but what of hubby holding the flashlight? For the Halloween season, it’s an interesting body of work.

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