Spiders are everywhere right now…

Usually I see the spiderwebs that you would expect, the perfectly spun circles that Halloween decorations emulate…

spider web sky

This year we’ve seen several different types of spiders and webs. We’ve even seen a black widow… I haven’t had the guts to take that one’s photo yet, heh.

It took some bracing and psyching out for me to take the photos below.

I was drawn to the strange web design… it reminds me of how crystals are formed…

spider web

The spider itself was rather scary… it has spikes (or horns) on it’s back…


A different angle shows that there is also a face (or mask) on it’s back… (Darth Maul)… eep…


I was thinking of doing a series of spider photos but after this guy and the black widow, I decided I didn’t want the nightmares… heh.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Spiders…

  1. I hope you were using a LOT longer lens than that 40mm! Ewwww. Cool images…nice technique and lighting and compositions…but really, EWWWWW!!!

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