40mm Pancake Lens…

For some time now I’ve wanted to get my hands on a camera that wouldn’t be too big to carry around, but would do all the DSLR stuff I love.  So many times I’ve come across a photographic moment that my cell phone just couldn’t do justice.

I was seriously looking into the new Canon Rebel SL-1, but after reading about it I came to realize that it wasn’t that much different from my beloved Canon Rebel T2i.  Many of the reviews for the SL-1 also mentioned a 40mm pancake lens.  After some research, I realized that what I really wanted was just a smaller all around lens that I could put on my beloved camera and toss into my bag.

I have owned the Canon 40mm pancake lens (EF40mm f/2.8 STM) for about a month now and thought I’d share some images with you.  I love that the lens and camera are small enough for me to carry around easily and more importantly, daily.

It seems that nearly every time I get a new lens my dog is my first subject…





Next I tried it on spiders and webs…


f/2.8 (cropped)


f/2.8 (cropped)

Inevitably I ran into some snails…









And finally I tried it out on some flowers…





For most spontaneous finds, this lens did the trick.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “40mm Pancake Lens…

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  2. I love the dog nose and foot images!!! The bugs and flowers are nice too, but I’m exceptionally fond of the nose and foot. =} I’ll have to check out that pancake lens.

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