orange honeysuckle

I’ve been looking through old photographs and taking new ones and I’m coming to realize that the ones I like the best are very abstract.

Recently I was out on a walk and came across some orange honeysuckle. I was drawn to a particular bundle that was nearly spent… all that remained was the base of the flower (sepal) and shoots coming out of it (style) [flower diagram].

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera and I told myself it was not the best light anyway.  I passed by this bunch a few days in a row, always without my camera and at what I deemed the wrong time of day.  Finally, I took my camera (and ring flash) for a early evening stroll and hoped that the bundle was still there.

That particular bundle was no longer there, but I was able to find one in a similar stage of its life cycle, plus the sprinkler system must have watered the area recently so I was also able to get waterdrops!  Waterdrops from rain is rare around here, so naturally, that is what I love photographing, the elusive.

I know that these are from an orange honeysuckle… but what I think I love about them is that they are so abstract that you wouldn’t know it right away.  The photo is more about the shapes and the lines than the actual flower… I think that is what draws me in.

orange honeysuckle - waterdrops

orange honeysuckle - waterdrops

orange honeysuckle - waterdrops

Until next time…

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