Moments in Time…

To me photography is really about capturing moments in time.

pampas grass frond

With nature photography it is even more apparent, some subjects only last a few days (I’m looking at you hibiscus!), and if you don’t capture them on film (or sensor) then that moment is lost in time.  Obviously, in some types of photography there are exceptions, such as in table top photography with inanimate objects.  But as soon as the subject is living, it is all about capturing the moment.

I was recently reminded of this fact when I took a few moments out to photograph some fronds on a pampas grass plant.

I told myself that I’d be back the next day to do more… unfortunately life took over and I was not able to return for several weeks… to my horror, the pampas grass had been leveled to a buzz-cut.

pampas grass buzzcut

I’m glad that I was able to take time out when I did, because I think I got some nice images.  But it was definitely a reminder that I need to make the time to get out there and shoot more often.  Enjoy…

pampas grass frond

pampas grass frond

I brought a small water bottle with me… I thought the juxtaposition of water drops on soft fronds would look neat…

pampas grass frond - waterdrops

pampas grass frond - waterdrops

Today I visited a different area and was able to find some pampas grass that had not been groomed for the season yet… I was so glad I was carrying my camera!  Enjoy…

pampas grass frond

papas grass fronds

Until next time…

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