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This week, I’m considering some photos I took back in March… given the heat lately these photos seem to make me feel cooler and refreshed.  When I look at these photos I am taken back to a quiet, beautiful morning where the breeze was crisp and the light was lovely.

Right now, I feel like it is glaringly bright out and I look forward to Autumn.  I live in San Diego, which most of the time feels like East Coast’s Spring and Autumn … but currently, boy is it hot out. And bright. So bright.  In fact, last week I had a 5-day headache (light sensitivity migraine) and I’m pretty sure it is because I forgot to wear my sunglasses earlier in the week.  Unless it was that bat that bit me and I’m really a vampire… just kidding. 🙂

Looking again at these photos of shapes in the sand and the seagulls being silly is just so serene to me.  I hope others feel the same contentedness I feel when I look at them.  That particular morning different colors in the sand; beige, black, and blue, fascinated me.  The abstract shapes being made by the water and rocks were really cool too.

Submitted for your consideration, one dreamy yellow flower photograph:

I also took this photo that morning…

yellow flower

I am on the fence about it.  On the one hand, it is ‘dreamy’.  On the other hand, it is not my usual style – sharp focus on the subject, blurred background.  I like it and then I don’t.  I would like it better if the flower was sharper, but the dreaminess is interesting to me.  I just don’t know.

I’d like to know what you think.

Please feel free to comment about this dreamy flower, I submit it for your consideration.  I’d love to hear what you think.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “For Your Consideration…

  1. Although it is clearly a flower, it also has the appearance of something hitting a water surface and creating a splash…a lovely yellow splash…that includes droplets cascading outward. Great composition. I find the soft focus VERY effective. The image is quite intriguing to me. I think it’s the juxtaposition of what I see as cool water splashing, but with the use of such a warm color: YELLOW, my favorite! For me, the green undertones also create something unique and very attractive. However, we yellow-lovers are sort of a minority, so the color may limit appeal to the masses. Personally, I love it!

    • Cia,

      Thanks for the unique perspective. I like the yellowness of the photo as well, my husband made a comment about it being too yellow (a little monochromatic)… I think it looks neat next to something blue, but maybe that’s me.

      My favorite part of the image is the spiral bud just to the left of the open flower.

      Thanks for commenting, now when I look at the image I can see the splash – I think it is so neat to see an image after someone else has given me their take on it. 🙂

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