I am working on my next set of photos to go into my online store, and thought you’d like a sneak peek.


The photos I’m considering this week are…

Currently my workflow goes a little something like this, I decide on a group of photos from a photo shoot (my 5 star photos).  Then I try to imagine them enlarged and hanging on the wall over a couch or on a mantel.

Only the ones I think would look good get printed out as 8x12s.  Then live with them for a few days.  By live with them, I mean I put up the prints on a wall and glance at them throughout the day (for several days).  Once I’ve decided that I really love them, I upload them to my online store.

Well, that wraps up this week’s post.  I’ll be spending some time the rest of the week uploading photos to the online store.

Until next time…


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